DIY Pallet Counter Table / Reception Desk


If you have been thinking about creating the masterpiece of counter table or the reception desk for the office purposes, then there is nothing far better material then choosing with the wood pallet material cut piece. It is brilliant in the conceptual features of making the project to stay longer lasting and being durable enough from getting break. There are wide range of counter table designs of the reception desk projects which you can opt out at the best to add your office area with the impressive and attractive images. Here we will discuss one such fine-looking and best idea of DIY pallet counter table / reception desk for you!

DIY Pallet Counter Table Reception Desk

If you want to add upon the arrangement of reception desk or the counter table design in your office, then first of all get yourself charge up by gathering some durable and sturdy materials of the wood pallet.

Upcycled Pallet Counter Table

By the help of hammer and needles tools, you will be finding your task a lot easy as it comes about the effort of putting together the planks in one formation so that it can bring about the initial image of the counter table in front of you.

Recycled Pallet Counter Table

Right into this image, you will encounter the stiff and hard use of the wood pallet material that would add upon the creative and innovative impacts in the whole project artwork. No worries about facing the breakage or any kind of the fine lines over it. Let’s make it part of house right now!

Wooden Pallet Counter Table

Now it’s time to add up with some additional effects in the beauty of the counter table project where the dramatic rustic wood pallet textured effect will be availed. This will bring out the whole project with so modish and favorable attractive impressions. Get some idea from the image given below:

Pallet Counter Table Plan

Well, until now it was just the designing of exterior side of the counter table! Let’s talk about the interior side view where the enclosing taste of the shelving units are included on simple variations. This simply turns the whole project so much functional and efficient in usage.

Wood Pallet Counter Table

In order to give out this table design with the look of reception desk, you can arrange the sleek finishing of the glass topping resting over on the top of the desk. You just need to add the glass finishing over the top side appearance of the table and not the whole of it.

Pallet Counter Table with Glass Top

This last image will give you the clear idea about the exterior and interior side of the wood pallet counter table/reception desk. See how it looks! Modish and simple, this is what this wood pallet counter table project is giving out in this whole prospect finishing. You would love it!

Pallet Counter Table
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