DIY Recycled Pallet Wine Rack with Drawer


Are you ready to set your house corner with the amazing designed DIY recycled pallet wine rack? If you have a bar corner in your house and it is not equipped with a special wine rack then it would surely stand out to be imperfect looking for others. For the designing options of the pallet wine rack you are offered with countless ideas. Some of the options are included with so simple finishing that you can even give it a try in designing with your own help. Now it is your choice that whether you want to set pallet wine rack with additional styles of cabinets or drawers in it or not!

DIY Recycled Pallet Wine Rack with Drawer

Creating the DIY pallet wine rack is not an intricate task at all if you have a complete idea related with the concept of designing. If you are planning to design the wine rack by your own help then firstly you have to collect three durable pieces of the extra wood pallet in your house.

Recycled Wood Pallets

In the three pieces of the wood pallet, one piece will be placed in the center portion and rest of the two will stand out on its corner sides. This will form the shape style of the box that will give you some idea that how your wine rack will turn out in the end of the designing.

DIY Pallet Wine Rack

Now it’s time to set the planks into the wood pallet project. These planks will be located in the middle side of the rack that will act as the supportive sheet for the entire wine rack. You should stay little careful when you are installing planks.

DIY Recycled Wood Pallet Wine Rack

As this pallet wine rack is used purposely for the wine bottles placement therefore it is required to set the wine rack with the effect of styling cuts. This requires the helping hand of some professional that would help you to get the perfect shaping of the wine rack.

DIY Recycled Pallet Wine Rack

Now the time has arrived when you should set the perfectly shaped planks into the cupboard. This is quite a tricky step but you should have a strong grip approach on your hands to get the best outcomes out from it. It will turn out to be much creative and innovative looking for sure.

Old Pallet Wine Rack

As you are all done with the installation, the time has arrived when you will get the chance to catch the complete view of the pallet wine rack. This is how your wine rack will look alike! Normally the size of your wine rack stand will depends on your requirements.

Recycled Pallets Wine Rack

As you will view the wine rack you will be finding it much simple and creatively plain in terms of the designing and styling. Lower portion of the pallet table will be utilized for the placement of the wine bottles but upper portion will be used as in the shape of the drawer.

Recycled Pallet Wine Rack Plan

Normally each section of the wine rack will comprise of support of almost 5 wine bottles. You can even support with more number of wine bottles only in the condition if you will increase the size of the wine rack. It is all set with interesting impressions of designing terms.

Recycled Pallet Wine Rack Recycled Wooden Pallet Wine Rack

Although it is all set with much simple designing but you can even carry out with the help of the professional designers. If you are starting your own bar business then you can favorably place it in your bar counter or you can even set it ideally in your house location too.

Wood Pallet Wine Rack
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