Pallet Bed with Storage Plans


Beds are no more a relaxing spot; they have obtained more importance and popularity with their versatile and innovative functions. Some beds come with large bed headboards to stylize your bedroom and some reflects the storage space functions with storage space at the base. In short, along with a cozy sleep they are establishing their mark in decorous and storage space purposes, making it more difficult for the people to select. But what if you get all these functions in one bed? Yes it’s not a joke why do not you take a look at these wooden pallet beds with storage space. Wooden pallets can be used to make a pallet bed and if you want to make this bed a multi-purpose one then make drawers in it. The drawers are needed in almost every room of your home so; make a pallet bed with drawers for your bedroom.

Pallet King Size Bed with Storage Drawers

As you can see in the first project that wooden pallets are gathered to make a pallet bed and under it the drawers are placed. There are four drawers on each side of the bed which will be useful to store many things like books, laptops, mobile phones and even you can place your socks and ties in these drawers. The size of the drawers are not very little so why do not you create one right away for your own bedroom.

Wooden Pallet Bed with Storage

In the second project, you will see a simple and plain wooden pallet bed which has been composed of one big drawer. You can use this large size drawer for storing things that are used on daily basis and are very important. If you want to save important files on a specific place then this drawer will be the best place for them to be safe. The rustic look of pallet bed with storage is quite good looking.

Pallet Bed with Headboard and Drawers

In our third project, we have used well sanded and well polished wooden pallets to make pallet bed with drawers. There are three drawers placed on the left and right side of wooden pallets. You can add holders of your own choice to make this bed more pretty and elegant. The shining pallet bed with drawers will beautify your bedroom a lot.

Pallet Bed with Storage

In our next project, you will know that the drawers can be made under your mattress. Yes! It is true yet funny! As you can see in the picture, there are three drawers placed on each side and you will just have to place a mattress on this pallet bed with storage.

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