Pallet Dressing Tables with Mirror


You can reuse pallets in many ways to develop something new and outstanding out of it. Wood made pallets can be easily found at any closest shop. The best use of pallet wood is to develop furnishings for your residence. Position a dressing table is one of the necessary furniture of every bed room. It is difficult to purchase so many dressing tables for each bed room in your own home as this could be costly for you. So, the solution to this problem is to buy recycled pallets and craft dressing tables with it. You can also make a place in it to position mirror.

Wooden Pallet Dressing Table

WOW! This is quite a stylish and wonderful wooden pallet dressing table. This dressing table of recycled pallets has also round mirror with it. There are four drawers in it which are made in a very unique style. There are two lamps attached on the top of the dressing table, above the mirror.

Pallet Dressing Table

This is a very beautiful dressing table which has been made with recycled pallets and the amazing thing you can see in it, is the round and big mirror. It is quite useful and stylish pallet dressing table.

Pallet Dressing Table Idea

This is a complete set of pallet dressing table with a small stool. As you see in the above picture, there is a special and stylish place in it on which you can place square mirror. You can polish it in beautiful shades of brown or any other color of your choice.

Pallet Dresser Unit

This DIY pallet dressing table with mirror has an extremely unique and practical design that would fit your room, and will surely facilitate you in dressing up. It looks expensive but it is very cheap in construction.

Pallet Dressing Table with a Mirror and Drawers

This is one of the most general designs of pallet dressing table. If you want a plain dressing table with mirror than this will be perfect for you.

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