Used Shipping Wood Pallets Table Ideas


Pallet wood is awesome to use for different projects that are not present in the market. It is very hard to find the things which you have imagined for your place. It is difficult to find the same design and if you’ll find your dream design then the thing would be out of budget. So, it is better to make and use things on your own. Wood pallets are easy to mold in any design or shape. Table is one of the common things which we all need at different places whether home or office. If you want to create a center, end or any other table then have a look at the following designs.

Used Shipping Wood Pallets Table Ideas

You can now make various things with the help of pallet wood just like this table. It is an mini table which we have made in dark shade pattern. You can make the drawer quite huge. This project is very easy to make.

Mini Pallet Table with Drawer

You can build this awesome table which we have made through used shipping wood pallets. We have used steel legs for this table to make it more elegant in design. It can be used a study or office table.

Repurposed Wood Pallet Table with Drawer

You can now use a table which contains lights in its base. We have made sections in it but in random manner. We have made drawers in this project to beautify the table more.

Wood Pallet Media Table

You can make this center table for your lounge or drawing room. We have used non-chemical second-hand wooden pallets. This table is plain in design. It is very easy to move anywhere.

Shipping Wood Pallet Table

You have to make this table which has wheels with under it. You can make sections and drawers in it to make it more usable. The height of this table is not too much.

Wood Pallet Table on Tires

If you love patterned projects then why don’t you make a table in the form we have shown you above! You can put different things on it like we have placed CD player on it.

Pallet Media Table with Drawers

If you want a study table which is quite durable and simple in design then you have to make this one. We have made it for children. It is quite spacious so it can keep large number of things.

Wood Pallet Study Table with Lamp

You only have to make the surface of table with wooden pallets and the sections on it. Otherwise, you have to use steel legs for this table design.

Unique Pallet Table

We have made this table which has cabinets in it. You can make two racks in it to keep diverse things.

Mini Pallet Bar Table with Cabinet

You have to make this table in plain design for outdoor or indoor use. It is quite light in weight. It is not so hard to make at home.

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