Jewelry Holders Made from Wooden Pallets


We are going to be concentrating on DIY tasks that only need pallet timber as the substance that we’ll be reuse and repurposing. The awesome factor about these concepts that we are going to display you in this selection of Jewelry Holders made from pallets is that they are straightforward. So simple you won’t even need step-by- step guidelines on how to finish them. Just by looking at pictures presenting the guidelines, you’ll be able to get a hint about what you need to do to experience that outcome. The concepts that we are going to display you are a fantastic way to reuse wooden pallets.

Wooden Pallet Jewelry Hanger

Just get some recycled pallets of thin size and start making this awesome jewelry holder. As you can see that we have placed thin recycled pallets in a very good manner and with a gap between them. You can dangle and put a lot of jewelry items on this pallet jewelry holder.

Rustic Pallet Jewelry Organizer

We have used a single pallet wood of dark shade and placed hooks on it and made this pallet jewelry holder. You can also put as many hooks as you need and like.

Recycled Pallet Jewelry Holder

This is a very useful and effective pallet jewelry holder on which a rack has been made to put things on it. We have used a darkish brown wood pallet plank to construct this pallet jewelry holder. As you can see, we have also placed big and small hooks on this pallet jewelry holder so that you can dangle scarf or coats on this pallet jewelry holder.

Pallet Jewelry Hanger

Look at these simple and eye-catching pallet jewelry holders! We have made these pallet jewelry holders by using only thin wood pallet planks. You can place all these together if you want.

Wood Pallet Jewelry Organizer

This is another cool pallet jewelry holder. We have used a big pallet board to craft this pallet jewelry holder. After that, we have placed two thin pallet sticks which contain hooks.

Wood Pallet Jewelry Holder Pallet Jewelry Stand Pallet Jewelry Organizer Recycled Pallet Jewelry Organizer Pallet Jewelry Holder

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