Pallet Planter Ideas


If you are in the need to decorate your home with more greenery, than we have got some pallet wood planter ideas for you. These ideas will instigate you and inspire to use your creativeness and our concepts to create a new design of pallet wood planter. You can place these planters at your balcony, lawn or in your rooms. You can also position artificial plants in these pallet wood planters as it is not necessary to put in the real plants in them. Our planters might not be unique although they are simple to facsimile. Our DIY ideas of pallet wood planters are quite to endeavor.

Pallet Wine Barrel Planter

If you are a creative mind and it is very easy for you to understand the artistry of any object then this project might not be difficult for you. You can build it with strong pallet wood boards in a short time if you have comprehended the method well.

Recycled Pallet Planters

If you are a stylish person and love artistic designs then you would like this awe-inspiring pallet wood planter. We have reused the old pallets but we have chosen the strong ones. If you want to make this project easier then start making one part at a time and after making all of them, you should assemble them in the way we have shown you.

Wood Pallet Planter

Make planters of different sizes and then place them randomly to create this fantabulous pallet wood planter for your lawn. However, you should place it at the corner of any place.

Wood Pallet Planter Box

It is the most simple and common design of pallet wood planter which is big in size. We have just reassembled the pallet woods in this shape to create this project.

Pallet Plant Pyramid

This pallet wood planter is so fine-looking and will most definitely grab attention of the visitors.

Pallet Planter Ideas

Get a number of old wood pallets or order new ones and make this pretty pallet wood planter.

Pallet Planter BoxPotaoes Planter Pallet Planter Boxes Upcycled Pallet Planter Box Recycled Pallet Planter Boxes

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