Recycled Pallet Sandbox for Kids


Pallet sandbox plans are excellent options for the small children, as they can have great place to try out. If there are some pallet woods, then you should think about the pallet sandbox, which can be done out of some pallet woods and it can be done in garden or yard of your house. You can make the rectangle shape of pallet box and complete it with sand so that your children can play and have fun there. You can place an outdoor umbrella at one side to have some color in the pallet sandbox. The children can sit under it, when there is open and high sun.

Pallet Sandbox with Cover

This pallet wooden sandbox is so nice-looking and attractive. Your kids will love this pretty and lovely pallet sandbox as it is so cool. You will only need a few wooden planks to make this awesome pallet sandbox. It is not hard to work with wood pallets.

Kids Pallet Sandbox with Cover

This is an awesome pallet sandbox which is completely made up of wooden planks. This is quite in a big size. Your kids can sit in this sandbox of wooden pallets and play with the sand and their toys. You can use free recycled pallets or can buy one to make this craft.

Pallet Sandbox Table

This is a very stylish and big sandbox table of pallets which will take a lot of time to be built. You can make big benches and join this with the pallet sandbox table. You can also make a place of water aside from the wooden sandbox table. Two benches are attached so that a lot of kids can sit and play.

Pallet Sandbox on Wheels

This craft of pallet sandbox have been created with such an expertise. If you want the same finishing looks then you have to follow the basic techniques of DIY and also some know how about how to use the tools and wood pallets.

Pallet Wood Sandbox Colorful Pallet Sandbox DIY Pallet Sandbox Table Pallet Sandbox with Benches Recycled Pallet Sandbox

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