Pallet Console Table Plans


Pallets are recycled in different unique fixtures. You can make now console tables from wooden pallets. With only a few wooden pallets you can make console tables in any design and shape. Just purchase some wooden pallets now and start making one for your home. Many DIY lovers are very much interested in making console tables. So, be one of them and start this wonderful project. Look at the first project, you will come to know that you can create a console table with only 6-7 wooden pallets planks. It is quite an amazing design and it is easy too. You can place decoration pieces on it or can place things like books and jewelry boxes under it. In our second project, make a console table in a stylish and trendy design to make your place up to date. You can place flower pots or planters to beautify it more. Give it a rustic look as wood has its own grace and beauty, so, let it be.

There is no need to take help from a carpenter as it is a simple design to apply. Place this console table at anywhere you want. In our next project, you will see a console table which has three areas to place things and items. Like us, you can place planters at the top surface of the wooden pallet console table. It will enhance the beauty of your console table as well as will give a beautiful appearance. We have not paint it as the rustic look is making it look so good. You can place many things in the second or third area of the recycled pallet console table. One thing should be kept in mind while making this design is that you have to take sanded pallet planks and will need wooden pallets of standard size. If you will do that then you will have no problem in making it.

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